2023 Starts with a Bang

New Years eve around 11:30 PM we had wind gusts at 60 MPH from the North and along with the rattle of awnings we heard a loud BOOM. I went outside and saw that one of our 95 foot tall Italian Cypress trees had blow down onto the garage roof. Had the tree removed with little damage to the garage but lots of damage to the brick border surrounding it. Left for a vacation in Cambria and then Escondido for a week.

Two weeks after the first tree fell, a second tree was blown over by 60 MPH gusts from the South. Arriving home from a vacation in SoCal to a nightmare of managing the removal of root balls and brick removal and replacement began.

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Joined the Board at the Renaissance Society

I recently joined the board as a Member at Large and was assigned to the Continuous Improvement Group.  Lots of professionals already in the group so I can slowly get my feet wet as we try to help the Board make decisions that support distance learning throughout the period the Stay-at-home orders are in effect.

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My web site

By the way, I am having trouble with my web site (www.wiseley.org) so I haven’t been able to update it for a few months.

We’re doing fine and were starting to get some warmer weather in Sacramento. We finally got some rain on Mar 14th after no rain in February. The Snapdragons are starting to act dormant again, after a few nice blooms, with the onset of a real winter (in Sacramento) with highs in the upper 50s. (LOL) The roses started to recover from the cold but are back to dormant.

Classes at the Sacramento Renaissance Society were in full swing for the spring semester when they were cancelled to due COVID-19 (as is everything else – see next post).

I am golfing occasionally still and reading some great fiction thrillers (see my reading reports at my site The Morning Read  or goodreads-chuck-wiseley to see what I’m reading). I’ve finished The Righteous Mind (enjoyed it thoroughly) and just finished no. 27 of Patterson’s Alex Cross series “Criss Cross.” The Fifth Risk, the Jane Hawk series (Dean Koontz), The Alpha Predator and Killer Collective are also recent favorites.

If you want to know why the response to the pandemic is locally mandated social distancing rather than a coordinated federal effort, read THE FIFTH RISK which is about lack of management at the top.

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Staying In

As of this last Monday, all classes, support groups, doctor visits and association meetings have been cancelled or moved online.  We only go out for necessities and avoid people.  “You ain’t seen nothing yet,” Jack O’Connell of the Sac Bee reported. I think we may be re-evaluating, as Marc Breton of the Bee reported on Wednesday that:

This current isolation makes you question our tolerance for science denial. Our tolerance for a broken health care system. Our tolerance for ignorance on public health and homelessness. Our tolerance for weakened public schools …

You still see and hear from people in this town – the capital of California and one of the largest economies in the world – who are in denial of what we are experiencing and how we got here.

We’re going to be paying for that denial for years to come.

Stay safe, wash your hands frequently, and practice social distancing.



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Weight loss Adventure

On January 15th, 2020, I started a weight loss program through Kaiser to get rid of the 40 pounds I’ve gained since 2014. As of this writing, 17 days into the program, I have lost about 7.5 lbs.  The weight is falling off at about .4 lbs a day. It is hard to really determine the losses as I am also doing more strength training which builds muscle (denser than fat), but I can now fit into shirts that I couldn’t wear three weeks ago. Yes!

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Summer 2018

Summer is coming to a close with mild weather (so far) in Sacramento! It was hot in Sacramento this summer with lots of smoke from the forest fires surrounding us. Now and then we got a cool evening that lasted till morning that we loved so much we headed to the ocean for the cool afternoons.  We stayed in a number of places on the coast from Cambria, Monterey, and Eureka in California, to Florence and Lincoln City in Oregon.

The peach tree has given up the last of it’s fruit (until next year) and it was really yummy stuff! We have a huge crop of Thompson seedless grapes this year. The clusters are huge but the grapes the size of a marble. They are so sweet but a pain to pick enough off the clusters to eat.

Classes at the Sacramento Renaissance Society  were over for the summer. We had fun looking at the more popular Time-Travel modes in literature and film this last year (both fall and spring). I miss seeing my classmates and am looking forward to the new fall semester in September where we’ll do “Magic, Myths, and Fairy Tales”. I am still spending lots of time golfing and reading a few of the new political books and some fiction (mostly thrillers – see goodreads to see what I’m reading).

I have made a commitment to start updating the blog more often. Let’s see if it sticks.


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Fall 2017 at the Renaissance Society

This semester has been very interesting with my Top 10 U.S. Issues class in the morning and Time Travel in the afternoon.

Top 10 issues topics so far have been:

  1. Income Inequality – with the Inequality for All (Reich, 2013) film as a discussion starter.
  2. Poverty, Hunger, Homelessness, Housing . . . – with the film The Line (Midgett, 2012).
  3. Financial industry & Government – with Inside Job (Ferguson, 2010) film as a starter: How depressing, I was an Obama supporter until I saw who he appointed as financial policy makers and regulators.

Although it is easy to see the interesting topics and the discussions that follow the films, the most important part of the class is the section where we hear about folks implementing solutions to the problems created in those issues. Folks who are housing advocates, food banks operators, etc., give us their perspectives on the impacts that can be made locally. Ken Cross has put together a great class schedule and is an effective facilitator.

In the Time travel class we have looked at three methods of time travel to date.  What fun the class is. We saw a time machine travel 800,000 years, a time travel phone booth that could easily hold a dozen or so people as it zipped across 3,000 years or so, and a beta level time machine that was pushed to the extremes of the battery sources available. Can you guess what we saw?

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The Heat Wave adventure

What an adventure. Spent a week in Sac during the 108 degree heat wave preparing for a 10 day trip to the Oregon Coast (aka., 61 degree high) and had no clue what to pack. I ended up packing winter, spring and a day of summer. Wore the spring gear without a windbreaker as we were very lucky that the sun came out for 6 of the 9 days there and we saw 68 degrees most of the days.  Golf was fun in the rolling hills on the coast (reminded me of Spy-glass in Monterey). Saw a lot of clam-diggers from the condo balcony and thousands of clam holes in the sand walking on the beach at Siletz Bay.

Had lunch with Jon (of Jan & Jon) at the Inn at Spanish Head where we had a number of happy hour clams during our stay. What a beautiful view. Returned to 93 degrees in Sac with cool 70 degree nights (60 degree low) and “Independence day” where we celebrate not walking down streets with people carrying automatic weapons by blasting off fireworks.

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Spring Classes have Ended

Over the past 13 weeks I have been going to classes on Friday at Sacramento State under the auspices of the Sacramento renaissance society.

My first morning class was Medical Rights and Wrongs and was structured around the progress of medical ethics since 1967.  Howard Slyter was the lead and is a retired neurosurgeon along with Kathy Glasmire, his Co-Leader.  The Class was fantastic.  Howard would start each class with a short presentation and then usually present an ethical dilemma for the class to discuss.  We started with the trolley dilemma and ended with the medical dilemmas faced by doctors, hospitals, and court systems when dealing with the very premature babies and brain dead people (both situations happen to be in the news in Sacramento at the time).  I don’t think there was one class where there wasn’t very diverse opinions and emotional discussions.

My second class on Fridays was a romantic comedies class led by Chip Zempei.  Chip had collected 13 romantic comedies(?) that were often on the very edge of the romantic comedy formula of: boy meets girl, boy loses girl, comedy ensues, boy gets girl back.  That class was very fun.  We started with Strictly Ballroom (1992) and ended with some shorts that included “Dr. Horrible’s sing along blog,” Valse, Paperman, Head Over Heels, Lava, and Josephine and the Roach.  My favorites were “the lunch box” (2013) and the original Japanese version of “shall we dance” (1996).  I’m pretty sure I will take any class that Chip offers as he is very passionate about film arts.

I also took a digital photography class on Tuesdays Tuesdays led by Jeff Hendy and Mary J. Henwood where we had lecture/videos/discussion one week and then a field trip to take photographs that we would share.  In both cases we would end up having lunch somewhere together.  Had lots of fun, learned a little about digital photography, and met quite a few very nice people.

I do plan to continue taking these classes next year as they were fun and I met lots of interesting people.

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Fall is definitely here!

Most of the leaves on my fruitless mulberry are gone.  The compost bin is getting fuller and the temps are down to the 50s in the daytime.  Still not much rain but our hopes are high with the projected weather due to the El Nino.

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