symantec research level used PTEdit32 to save the machine

It was just as the google search forums had suggested; the disk type was set to ’17’ Hidden IFS (NTFS,HPFS). The tech used the PTEdit32.exe win32 GUI front end to edit the partition table and set the Partition Type back to ’07’ which now allowed access to both the Vista boot partition and the data partition hidden by pqboot on the Ghost 14 disk.  It was a less time consuming job to let them do it remotely rather than me hunt for the answer and tools. It took about three hours of remote sessions which each included:  re-investigate the problem, try to solve it, and then elevate the problem to the next level.  When the problem research folks finally got access, the problem was fixed in twenty minutes. 

The nice part about letting them do the job was that, for the most part, I was able to read while they worked. 

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