Fall 2017 at the Renaissance Society

This semester has been very interesting with my Top 10 U.S. Issues class in the morning and Time Travel in the afternoon.

Top 10 issues topics so far have been:

  1. Income Inequality – with the Inequality for All (Reich, 2013) film as a discussion starter.
  2. Poverty, Hunger, Homelessness, Housing . . . – with the film The Line (Midgett, 2012).
  3. Financial industry & Government – with Inside Job (Ferguson, 2010) film as a starter: How depressing, I was an Obama supporter until I saw who he appointed as financial policy makers and regulators.

Although it is easy to see the interesting topics and the discussions that follow the films, the most important part of the class is the section where we hear about folks implementing solutions to the problems created in those issues. Folks who are housing advocates, food banks operators, etc., give us their perspectives on the impacts that can be made locally. Ken Cross has put together a great class schedule and is an effective facilitator.

In the Time travel class we have looked at three methods of time travel to date.  What fun the class is. We saw a time machine travel 800,000 years, a time travel phone booth that could easily hold a dozen or so people as it zipped across 3,000 years or so, and a beta level time machine that was pushed to the extremes of the battery sources available. Can you guess what we saw?

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