Summer 2018

Summer is coming to a close with mild weather (so far) in Sacramento! It was hot in Sacramento this summer with lots of smoke from the forest fires surrounding us. Now and then we got a cool evening that lasted till morning that we loved so much we headed to the ocean for the cool afternoons.  We stayed in a number of places on the coast from Cambria, Monterey, and Eureka in California, to Florence and Lincoln City in Oregon.

The peach tree has given up the last of it’s fruit (until next year) and it was really yummy stuff! We have a huge crop of Thompson seedless grapes this year. The clusters are huge but the grapes the size of a marble. They are so sweet but a pain to pick enough off the clusters to eat.

Classes at the Sacramento Renaissance Society  were over for the summer. We had fun looking at the more popular Time-Travel modes in literature and film this last year (both fall and spring). I miss seeing my classmates and am looking forward to the new fall semester in September where we’ll do “Magic, Myths, and Fairy Tales”. I am still spending lots of time golfing and reading a few of the new political books and some fiction (mostly thrillers – see goodreads to see what I’m reading).

I have made a commitment to start updating the blog more often. Let’s see if it sticks.


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