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By the way, I am having trouble with my web site ( so I haven’t been able to update it for a few months.

We’re doing fine and were starting to get some warmer weather in Sacramento. We finally got some rain on Mar 14th after no rain in February. The Snapdragons are starting to act dormant again, after a few nice blooms, with the onset of a real winter (in Sacramento) with highs in the upper 50s. (LOL) The roses started to recover from the cold but are back to dormant.

Classes at the Sacramento Renaissance Society were in full swing for the spring semester when they were cancelled to due COVID-19 (as is everything else – see next post).

I am golfing occasionally still and reading some great fiction thrillers (see my reading reports at my site The Morning Read  or goodreads-chuck-wiseley to see what I’m reading). I’ve finished The Righteous Mind (enjoyed it thoroughly) and just finished no. 27 of Patterson’s Alex Cross series “Criss Cross.” The Fifth Risk, the Jane Hawk series (Dean Koontz), The Alpha Predator and Killer Collective are also recent favorites.

If you want to know why the response to the pandemic is locally mandated social distancing rather than a coordinated federal effort, read THE FIFTH RISK which is about lack of management at the top.

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