Old times in the HOT town tonight

Well I haven’t posted since last November.  Its July now and it is hot.  Almost miss the freezing weather of late fall.  Playing a lot of golf at dawn.  By the time I’m done with nine holes, it’s between 7:30 and 8 AM and in the mid 60s. Start at dawn and 18 holes are done by 9:30-10:00 when it is in the mid 70s (or low 80s on a really hot day).

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Our first freeze

Woke up this morning to frost on the grass.  Looks like winter is here.  All the leaves are starting to turn yellow.  Guess I need to make some kitchen wreaths before the grapevines lose their leaves.  We have decided to make some rosemary, sage, and savory wreaths.

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Started another blog

I started another blog for the days that I ride the bike and read instead of going to the golf course.  I think it will help me remember what I am reading as I try and summarize what I’ve read.  I also linked these blogs to facebook.  I’m still figuring out this blogging software so I’ve added the link on the right side of the page called the Morning Read.

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September is here

While the temperatures came back up, we still get the delta breeze in the evenings.  Mornings are wonderful and I have been playing golf at daybreak a couple times a week.  It makes the morning a little bit rushed to play nine holes and then come home, cleanup, and run to the office, but it gives me a new perspective on the day.  Loretta is not playing golf with her injured shoulder yet so we don’t play on weekends.  So, I’m finally working around the house again.

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Summer is winding down

The temperature is finally starting to cool down a little.  Nights are getting a little cooler.  Going back into the fifties.  Been playing golf at daybreak which is getting later each day.  Thinking about playing with Dick McShane’s crew up in Lincoln.  Late September but they still have a 12:00 PM tee time.  Oh well.  I’ll have to see how the weather is looking then.

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Get ready for a crazy summer

What crazy weather we’re having.  First it’s in the eighties, then the fifties, then pouring rain, and thunder and lightning, then gorgeous sunshine.  Seems like it’s all in the same day.

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Hello world!

Transferred to WordPress.com. This is my first post here. Don’t know yet how to delete it!

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Grapes have formed

Well, the Grapes have formed.  This year I’m trying to cut clusters down to half their size.  It is supposed to increase the size of the grape.  As I sit at the computer and work I can see
the vines blowing in the wind and the still seed sized grapes in the cluster
are unveiled by the fluttering leaves.

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Winter rain

The cold and rain has started to coerce the lemon tree to drop its fruit.I took a bag of lemons to the office last week but I don’t think I can catch up. 
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Oranges and lemons starting to ripen

While swinging a golf club in the back yard, I noticed that the oranges and lemons are starting to ripen.  I can see just a hint of yellow at the bottom of the oranges. 
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